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About Kitty Pigfish

Kitty Pigfish is an award-winning Cartoonist, Caricaturist and Illustrator with over 35 years of experience.  Her Cartoons, Caricatures and Illustrations are exhibited, published and collected nationally and internationally.  

Kitty Pigfish (aka LK Merlynda Robinson) observes and reflects the idiosyncrasies and challenges of both our modern and spiritual life - and her passion for animals, astrology, philosophy and all manner of reasons for human congregation and celebration - such as hatches, matches and dispatches - result in her creating unique, highly stylized, deliriously comical, delightfully cute - and often highly satirical - Gag Cartoons. 

She also works to commission with private, corporate and charity clients to create astonishingly accurate and mesmerizing Caricatures - and highly imaginative Cartoons and Illustrations.

Cartoon & Caricature Commissions 

You name it and Kitty can cartoon or caricature it!  

For Urgent Commissions Kitty works around the clock, so you can be sure she will get the job done and get it done right.

You Can Visit Kitty Pigfish at the Pigfish Cartoons Studio-Gallery and View her Portfolios - Commission A Cartoon - Caricature - or - Illustration - and - Buy her Framed and Mounted Cartoons - Caricatures - Illustrations - and - Hilarious Cartoon Postcards & Cartoon Greetings Cards. 

To Arrange A Studio Visit - Please Call:  01237 431166. 

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About Kitty Pigfish ...

Kitty Pigfish started Cartooning and Caricaturing in the 1980s and her extraordinary Cartoons andCaricatures  are exhibited all over the world - throughout the UK in prestigious central London Galleries - in a variety of cities and towns in commercial Art Galleries - regularly in France since 1996 representing Great Britain at The Salon of Cartoonists and Press Artists - in Sweden - and in the USA.   She is the Winner of The Leaf Bookjacket Illustration Award - the Author of 'Master The Art' - a fully illustrated 850,000 word Art Course commissioned and published by The Art Institute - and has been commissioned by an impressive wealth of prestigious private clients - corporate clients - and world-famous charities.  

Her passionate dedication to the art of cartooning, caricaturing and illustration remain as strong and as all-encompassing as the day she created her very first Kitty Pigfish Cartoon, over 35 years ago. 

The Kitty Pigfish Exhibitions & Commissions List is Available To View Upon Request. 

To Contact Kitty Pigfish - and - To Arrange A Pigfish Cartoons Studio-Gallery Visit - Please Call: 01237 431166.

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Pigfish Cartoons Studio-Gallery - St Anne's Cottage - Bucks Mills - Bideford - Devon - England.

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